Peach Kama Sutra Print (Un-Framed)


A homage to intimacy.

Letterpress is the oldest & most traditional form of printing. This Kama Sutra work was hand drawn, converted into a metal impression plate and individually hand embossed on an original Albion press in Auckland, New Zealand.

Each peach print has a unique hand-painted basecoat, so every print differs. The acrylic used was the same used to create the largest scale Kama Sutra artwork in our country, on K Road, Auckland.

– Edition: 1/69
– Dimensions: 450 x 320mm
– Stock: 450gsm acid free Wild board, 35% cotton to retain emboss
– Authentication: Signed, numbered & dated ’16
– Ink: Black Van Son rubber based ink.
– Base paint: Acrylic
– Press type: Deep impression
– Shipping: Please allow 7-10 days