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    Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2008 04:24:45 +1100
    From: ——
    To: ——
    CC: ——; ——


    in the night time it just came to me to write to you about the tagging, stickup art or whatever you call it.

    I know we spoke about this when I was down but I am so worried about the possibility of you breaking the law ( of which I don’t necessarily agree ) that i feel i need to explicitly write down exactly my feelings and what the implications are. I think you know these but if you ever end up with a record of offense it will not just curtail most travel plans you and —– may have but also has the possibility to greatly effect you career options in New Zealand.

    Ok, you know I like your art and like you getting out and doing things but I can’t condone breaking the law. I asked —- to talk to you also but I am not sure if time allowed for this.

    I wonder if its an addiction to do this? and if you feel that this is so then the only way to deal with an addiction is to stop it totally completely and straight away. I would be happy to get some help in the form of counseling or whatever if that is needed, this is how strongly i feel about it. Look around at who does the tagging and tell me if these people have traveled, want to travel or want to work overseas? not to mention their job ideas…

    Ok, that’s my thoughts and I have cc this to —— and ——- as they are possibly to best cohorts you have in this life 🙂

    I love you all so much.

    All going ok here, I am enjoying walking, jogging going to the gymn, nice coffee, reading and doing a spot of work prep, in other words, am on holiday!



  • Portrait by Matt Queree, 2015

    Andrew J Steel Interior Awards 2015 Finalist for NZ Interior awards, 2015. Photo: Matt Queree